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Mommy Was My First

There was a caller the other night with a story about how mommy taught him everything he ever learned about sex. I think he was just fantasizing the entire thing, as most do, but he wanted to make it sound … Continue reading

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Embarrassing The Teacher

The other night a caller revealed an embarrassing story. He said he was a teacher in a fairly small town, and when he had to go to the hospital for an operation, many former students were working there in some … Continue reading

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Passion For Rain

I might be a bit odd, but the rain has always made me a bit horny. Thunderstorms especially. Now I have heard of others having this particular fetish, but it’s not that common. My latest boyfriend thought it a bit … Continue reading

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A Few Moments To Kill

I was waiting for someone recently and had a few moments to kill, around twenty actually, so I decided rather than just sit there like a bump on a log, I might as well get off, since I’d been horny … Continue reading

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Cucukolding Fun

My husband has always had a smaller than average cock, so I was used to seeking my pleasure elsewhere, but last week he came to me with an unexpected situation. He said his boss had his eye on me and … Continue reading

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