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Play With My Pussy

I love it when my boyfriend plays with my pussy, he teases my clit better than anyone ever has. I like to be laying on my tummy with my ass up a bit since it makes my clit stick out … Continue reading

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Hey Baby, I Sent You a Dick Pic

One thing I can promise you phone sex girls are not in short supply of is dick pics. Unasked for, usually unwanted, they come in by the veritable truckload from guys that think we just cannot wait to take a … Continue reading

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Watching Porn During Phone Sex

A good number of callers enjoy the stimulation of watching porn at the same time they are enjoying their phone sex call. It’s not uncommon at all to hear porn playing in the background when talking to a caller. Some … Continue reading

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Black Superiority Fantasy For White Boys

One thing that is common for callers to mention, is that they are craving big, black cock. They also want their women to take it and watch them get fucked by a huge dick, which most black guys are supposed … Continue reading

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Delectable Titties

Wouldn’t you just love to place your cock between those beautiful, luscious looking tits? A titty fuck is for a lot of men obsessed with breasts, as hot as putting that dick into a warm, wet pussy. It’s also safe, … Continue reading

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