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I Fucked Him For Toilet Paper

If someone had ever told me even a few weeks ago I’d be fucking a man for toilet paper, I’d have told them they were nuts! However in the current situation, toilet paper is being used as currency by some … Continue reading

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Fit To Be Tied

My boyfriend asked me if I’d be ok with trying being tied up, I said it sounded like fun. He’d gotten me these cute little lace tie things for my wrists and he tied my hands behind my back and … Continue reading

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Getting Picked Up

I normally do not frequent bars or have one night stands, but there’s always an exception to every rule. I was feeling lonely and horny last week, not the best combination to be sure, and decided to check out a … Continue reading

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Doggy Pleasures

Most callers seem to have a favorite sexual position from what they tell me when I ask. Doggy style seems to be hands down their favorite. I like that one as well, either they can rub my clit for me … Continue reading

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We Had Casual Sex

I did something quite inappropriate last week, and I can’t stop thinking about it. My son was all excited to have me meet his baseball coach since they got along so well and his game had really improved since the … Continue reading

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