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He Blackmailed the Cleaning Lady

This caller was telling me how when he was younger before he left for college, that his family employed an illegal as their cleaning lady. She would come in and do the chores and be paid cash under the table. … Continue reading

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His Dog Licked His Dick

Sometimes when people masturbate they aren’t alone. They might call an operator or even be doing it in the room with a sleeping person or something similar. So this man was telling me how when he was a teen he … Continue reading

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Masturbating Alone on New Year’s Eve

Some people are not in a relationship. Hell, a LOT of people are not in a relationship, so what do they do on a night like New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day? There’s not a doubt, those can … Continue reading

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Christmas with the Perverts

Horniness knows no season, guys get horny every day of the year, that’s just a fact of life. Christmas with the perverts can be the same as any other day of the year, with a few Santa Claus jokes tossed … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas is Two Hard Cocks

I love threesomes, I’ve had several before. I told my boyfriend all I wanted for Christmas was two hard cocks, again! He contacted his friend that we’ve played with before and he was happy to come by for another evening … Continue reading

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