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Passing The Class

When I was in high school there was this one teacher I really wanted to fuck, I was determined I was going to have him, and I did end up fucking him eventually. He was a single father and he … Continue reading

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Earning Extra

When I was in college, funds were really tight, my folks did not have a lot of money, so I had to work my way through school myself. I had a heavy course load and was too tired to flip … Continue reading

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While You Were Away

My boyfriend was away recently on a business trip, and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to get some action on the side. I didn’t really consider it cheating, since his cock was a bit too small to satisfy … Continue reading

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Look At Me

I’ve been told I have a beautiful body, and it’s true I do work hard at it, and I love to go out dancing once in a while at a local bar that has a larger than average dance floor. … Continue reading

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Ooohh, Spank Me!

My latest boyfriend asked me how I felt about being spanked, and I hadn’t been spanked since I was a child and hadn’t really given it much thought, but I said he could do it to me and we’d see … Continue reading

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