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I Deflowered My Son’s Friend

I’ve always had my eye on my son’s friend. I know it’s not right, but he’s such a great looking guy, I cannot say I’ve never thought about him while I masturbated. He seems kind of shy as well, and … Continue reading

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Giving and Getting

Some men will love to get a blow job, but they will not pleasure their partner in the same way. We call these men selfish pigs. For men that enjoy giving pleasure as they receive it at the same time, … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal

I think many men that call are frustrated gynecologists and proctologist’s from the sounds of it. They love to get so close up to look, you’d think they were being tested on it. It never ceases to amaze me how … Continue reading

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The Third Date

I’d gone on a few dates with this man and really liked him. I knew the third date would be the one when we fucked. I cooked us a nice dinner at my place and I knew we would be … Continue reading

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Morning Sex is a Wonderful Way To Start Your Day!

Sex at all times of day is great, but some people absolutely have preferences for what time of day is their favorite and why. Many men prefer morning sex, because many men awaken with a hard on and having sex … Continue reading

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