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Panty Perverts Unite

There’s no shortage of callers that are into ladies panties. One called me last night and he asked for me to put some on. He was very specific, he wanted to know exactly what kind I had. He didn’t care … Continue reading

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We Can’t Fuck Yet

I like to make guys I date wait until I fuck them. One way I’ve teased some is by giving them a lap dance before I will fuck them. I see most men I fuck at least ten times before … Continue reading

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Masturbating With My Friend

Many people have masturbated with a friend at one time or another, it’s always more fun to share the experience than go it alone. When they want to really join the action and make it masturbating one another, then it … Continue reading

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Teasing The Teenage Neighbor

I love to swim in my backyard pool, and nude of course. A new family moved in a few weeks ago next door and they have a teenage son. He’s a ice looking boy and I knew this was going … Continue reading

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Fantasizing About Cartoons

Now fantasizing about non humans that are not animals is not your everyday fetish, but it does happen. Years ago a man asked me if I knew who Jessica Rabbit was and I said yes, the fictional cartoon character from … Continue reading

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