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Hot, Gay Sex

The amount of callers that tell you about either same sex fantasies or same sex encounters they had is really quite staggering. Some days it seems half the callers are gay. Most want to suck another guy, not get sucked … Continue reading

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Tell Me How You Masturbate

Many callers like to quiz phone girls about our masturbation habits, and it’s actually fun to be able to talk about such things openly, when in your real life you’d not likely be sharing that info in everyday conversation with … Continue reading

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Friend of the Family

Years ago I had a relationship with an older man that was a Master to me. He could sense when we met I was open to being submissive, which I was, and he showed me how a relationship between a … Continue reading

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Bend Over, Sissy!

This new boyfriend of mine is pretty submissive. He likes to be told what to do and not make any decisions himself, especially sexually. I have no problem being the dominant one in the bedroom. I asked him the other … Continue reading

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Bum Fuck Me, Baby

My latest boyfriend is kind of into anal sex, I had tried it a few times in the past and not really enjoyed it, it just wasn’t for me. He convinced me to give it one more try though and … Continue reading

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