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Filled Up Pussy

One of the more common topics guys love to talk about is the cream pie. The pussy overflowing with cum that’s been put there. Some guys are so into a cum filled cunt, they really don’t even care if the … Continue reading

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Are You a Sissy Slut?

Some men are sissies. They always have been, and they always will be. They dress up in private at home in ladies clothes, curl their hair or wear wigs, put on makeup and nail polish. They have just always loved … Continue reading

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Does Working Out Make You Horny?

One thing that is common among callers is for them to call right after they got home from the gym and them saying how horny they are. There’s no shortage of articles online saying yes, this is a thing. It’s … Continue reading

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He Fucked the Weather Girl’s Shoes

I had a memorable call the other day. Now callers into foot fetish or lingerie or shoes are pretty common, but this involves a celebrity as well. This man asked me if I knew of this particular weather girl on … Continue reading

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Trying New Things

This friend of mine is bisexual and she and I had dinner together recently and had a very good conversation about sexuality. She said she thought most people given the right opportunity and circumstance would try it at least once. … Continue reading

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