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Cuckolding My Husband

It’s rare a client calls with a fantasy that is truly detailed and interesting, but the other day one had a cuckold fantasy about him being the stay at home husband since his wife made so much more than he … Continue reading

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When You Fuck a Woman The Age Of Your Grandmother

Recently a caller was telling me when he was in college one of the jobs he had was as a delivery boy for a service, and several of the clients that would answer their door were quite elderly and unable … Continue reading

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Paying For Sex, Real Sex or Phone Sex

Lots of callers also go to escorts, so they are used to the idea of paying for sex. All men pay for sex in one way or another, you think if you have a wife you aren’t paying for sex? … Continue reading

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Halloween Sex Party

I went to a Halloween party last night and it was kind of a naughty party, there was lots of sex going on. I hadn’t been told it was a sex party, but it was practically an orgy from what … Continue reading

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Controlling My Boss

I got this job recently and soon learned how very submissive my boss is, he’s a total wimp honestly, and very easy for me to control him. He’s weak and generous, a bad combination for his wallet, to be sure. … Continue reading

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