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Beasts and Blackmail

The city I am in has a housing shortage, and I do not make a lot of money so my options are limited. I found the perfect building and it was relatively cheap. The only issue was there were a … Continue reading

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Horny & Handicapped

I have a few different callers that are disabled physically that cannot have an orgasm when they masturbate and it’s very frustrating for them to get any sexual enjoyment. The one caller says he used to have a girlfriend, and … Continue reading

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Tongue That Ass!

One of my more frequent callers only ever wants to discuss other men, a great many fall into that category actually. They fantasize about other men, even if they are married and consider themselves heterosexual, but they watch gay porn … Continue reading

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The Pool Closing

It’s gotten to that time of year again when the pool needs to be closed up for the season. I called the pool place around a week ago and yesterday they sent over this new guy I’d never seen before. … Continue reading

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Cock Comparison

One of my callers who sometimes works as a stripper was telling me how he did something for pay the other day he’d never done before. He has a ten inch cock. Not many are that large, but I have … Continue reading

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