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You’re My Good Girl

It can be very arousing to have someone call you a “good girl” or a “good boy.” Guys say that all the time on the phone, “I love it when you call me a good boy.” Well, I like being … Continue reading

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I Denied Him

One thing I’ve always found fun to do with a boyfriend is tease and denial. Not all guys are into that of course, but some love it. They love the ache of blue balls from being denied. Some are even … Continue reading

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Blindfold Me, Baby

I wanted to try something different after visiting a sex shop and seeing all the fun and naughty things that they had there and told my lover this and he was glad to see me willing to experiment a bit … Continue reading

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Lock It Up!

To some the entire idea of chastity devices is absurd. Historically it was women that were forced into the devices, I’d like to see someone get me into such an uncomfortable device! People are such base creatures, ruled by their … Continue reading

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Chastity Devices For Men

  There are many men that call me that are totally into wearing chastity devices. From days to months. The male chastity devices with padlocks and accessories are of great interest to men that are into tease and denial and … Continue reading

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