Clubbing Surprise

Callers will often ask if I’ve had any lesbian experiences and I tell them a few. Last weekend I went to this new club some friends had raved about and it was packed. I’d gone with a couple of acquaintances, but they quickly dispersed when we arrived and we were on our own. I sat down and ordered myself an overpriced drink and it was so packed this woman asked if she could share my table with me as there was nowhere else for her to sit. I invited her to sit down and it was pretty loud so we couldn’t talk much, but she seemed nice right off the bat.

She then said her friends had abandoned her as well, and would I like to dance? Women danced with one another all the time so I didn’t think a thing of it and said yes. We finished our drinks and headed to the dance floor. We were dancing away and laughing and out of the blue she leaned forward and kissed me. I’m not sure if she thought I was a lesbian or what, but I didn’t stop her. The lights were flashing, the music pounding and it just seemed right at that moment.

I continued to allow her to kiss me and others were not paying attention to our personal little drama. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the rest room and we went into a stall. I don’t know why I allowed it, but again, it just felt right to go with it, so I did. She put her hand down my jeans and into my panties and started to rub my now wet pussy. She got me off right there in the bathroom stall, with people coming and going right outside the entire time. I bit my lip to keep from crying out when I came. I kissed her passionately and really enjoyed the odd and unexpected moment. We then left the stall and went our separate ways and I doubt I will ever see her again, but it was a fun experience.

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