Cumslut Adventures

Humiliating and degrading women is sadly something a lot of guys love to do. One that I talked to recently wanted to talk about a total cumslut, a woman that was going to be dropped off at a bachelor party and she was the entertainment for the lot of them. She was going to fuck and suck every guy there and be made into a cum guzzling whore that was loving every minute of it. The men were also going to write things on a tee shirt, how many times they came into her and how, pussy, mouth, ass, and then the next day after the bachelor party gang bang, she was going to have to wear the informative tee shirt out to a restaurant so everyone could see and read about what all she’d been up to the night before.

The humiliation of going out in public wearing such a tell all garment would be horrific to most, to him that was almost as much fun as the gang bang part of the fantasy. Knowing that everyone that saw her was going to judge her and feel disgust at her many slutty actions and that she had no pride to wear such a thing.

I’ve heard of the fetish where ones write on the woman’s body, but never heard of or thought of writing on an article of clothing for them to then be publicly shamed by. Much worse than the scarlet letter, apparently! I guess if a woman was open to being the center of such an evening’s entertainment, perhaps it wouldn’t be the great shame I imagine it would be, perhaps they really wouldn’t care.

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