Don’t Worry About A Foot Fetish

One surprisingly common issue that comes up with callers is a caller that will think they are a real pervert, when in reality, they are quite tame and vanilla. A caller last night worried he was a real sicko pervert because he had a thing for women’s feet and he was afraid to ever even have mentioned it to any women he dated in the past, since he thought they think he was a real pervert. I laughed and said if you had any idea what many ask for, you’d realize how very tame you are. Another thing he expressed interest in was a titty fuck, he thought most women would find that perverted as well. He must have grown up in a very conservative home.

Feet are one of the most common body parts for men to fantasize about, and there’s nothing to worry about if you are attracted to them or think about getting a foot job. There’s also no shortage of guys that are quite concerned about this and how it could potentially alienate a girlfriend. Considering the things we phone sex gals hear on the phone, it’s so vanilla it’s barely worth even mentioning as something to be worried about, but some men are quite concerned any woman in their life would be turned off by it. Some women would, I realize not all women are phone sex operators hearing about men’s various kinks day in and day out to realize how tame a foot fetish really is.

If you have desires to do naughty things with your partners feet, yes, make sure she’d be receptive to it before saying you want a foot job, some women might think it’s gross or weird. People have different thresholds of what they consider weird and perverted or totally acceptable.You need to find out exactly what those thresholds are of your partner. Not everyone is sexually compatible, so there’s no point in trying to hide such a large part of yourself to a significant other in your life if it means that much to you. Don’t worry about feet, it’s really not that bad.

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