He Visited a Sex Doll Bordello

Some callers are just not good with women in real life. They know they will strike out, so they don’t even bother anymore, they have even given up on escorts or will not go to ones in many cases. Sex doll bordellos are becoming a thing in some cities. They visit just like it was a regular bordello, but none of the “women” are real. They are all silicone dolls they will be renting for a few hours. Some are actual bordellos, there are also rent a doll services that will deliver the doll to your home and pick it up the next day and they clean it as well.

A caller was telling me he was considering buying his very own sex doll, but since the really high end ones are thousands of dollars, so he went to a bordello a few weeks ago to try one out first before making such a large investment in the doll. He loved it, he said it felt better than some women he’d really been with in the past. He’s been targeted by golddiggers in the past and has had it with women, but he does miss the touch of a woman.

Now a doll is certainly not the same thing, but it is a much more intense masturbation experience than just your hand or a Fleshlight is. He ordered one the day after his visit and she just arrived yesterday and he was telling me all about his excitement as he was uncrating her. He was going to christen her tonight and give her a whirl. He got the deluxe model and was very happy he decided to go through with it. He will be calling me tomorrow to tell me how good of a fuck she really is. I do hope he enjoys her after all he paid. A sex doll or phone sex can absolutely enhance your masturbation experience.

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