His Stepmother The Cougar

This one caller has said he lost his virginity to his step mom more than once. He said his father was always away on business and she was lonely and he was horny, it was a perfect combination of availability and desire. He said he’d jerk off and one time she walked in while he as doing it and of course he was embarrassed. She asked him to continue though and she wanted to watch as he did it. So things started innocently enough. Watching him masturbate soon turned into helping him masturbate. He’d never had a woman touch his cock before.

She introduced him to the world of sex, and of course being a teen he couldn’t get enough. He couldn’t wait to get home from school. His dad did well financially, so she didn’t have to work, she was home all the time. His father must have been blind to not see what was going on. They used to take baths together sometimes and he loved washing her back and kissing her neck, then drying her off. He seems like he would be a tender lover, given all he’s said about how much of a giver he is.

Sometimes callers can turn you on with the things they say. Every caller is not some perverted sicko, some are just lonely, horny guys that sound sexy and are a pleasure to talk to, and you do think of them at times when you’re aroused and wonder what they’d be like in bed. Hearing him talk about learning to go down on a woman and fucking her for the first time as a teen and how she’d teach him pacing and patience, it was pretty hot. Some men, no a lot of men, could benefit from being shown the ropes by an older, more experienced woman.

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