Hot, Summer Fun


I had a hot threesome last night with my friend and her boyfriend. We got down and dirty and had lots of orgasms. She licked my cunt while her boyfriend fucked me and she licked his cum out of my pussy while I fingered her stiff little clit. This wasn’t the first time we indulged in such naughty behavior either. I’ve known her since high school and we used to masturbate together when we’d have sleepovers. It was always fun to do that and cum together I always looked forward to it and when she got a boyfriend, she asked if I’d like to join them sometimes.

I said I’d love to and we have played together with just about every boyfriend she’s ever had. I didn’t want to share mine, but she always liked to share hers, so I was fine with that and loved to go down on her after she’d been fucked and she liked to dot he same to me. Her boyfriends often liked to watch us scissor our cunts together as well and we would rub our clits together and usually cum as the guys jerked off and watched.

Things haven’t changed and we still are sharing all these years later. Her pussy is as familiar to me as my own is and I love to be able to get fucked with her so we can share the pleasure together. We used to finger each other and then first ate one another out, many of our firsts were together, so it’s nice we can continue to experiment along the way and share her lovers.

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