I Blackmailed the Boss

Employees are not always at the mercy of their boss, sometimes we can make the boss be at our mercy. I knew my boss wanted to fuck me and I made the most of it. I wanted a raise and a hefty one. I knew there was no way I’d get it unless I had something on him. I decided to set up a hidden camera in his office. Notice how I’m looking right into the camera he has no idea is there. After I finally let him have his way with me over the desk. He is a good fuck by the way, I waited until he went home and I snuck into his office and retrieved the camera. I said I had work to catch up on.

I watched the footage once I got home and he really went to town on my pussy. He licked it before he bent me over the desk and slid his throbbing cock into me. I told him the next day unless I got that raise, I’d be sending that footage to his wife. He knew I had him, so he gave me the raise. I knew his young wife was just crazy about him, and it would break her heart to find out he was fucking another woman.

I think in a way it turned him on, since he asked if we could fuck again, that he’d give me cash bonuses. This was turning out to be profitable. I took to recording every conversation we had in case he said something I could possibly use against him. I was a crafty bitch that was going to get what I wanted. He wanted to be blackmailed and dominated, I would do my best. His poor wife thinks he works late a lot. Oh he’s working, honey, he’s working on making me cum and paying me for the pleasure.

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