I Fucked The Teacher

Sometimes if we wait long enough and are patient enough, we can get what we really want. For all through high school I wanted to fuck one of my teachers, he was handsome and witty and I fantasized about fucking him as I masturbated for years. I wondered if he thought of me as well that way, but of course he wouldn’t risk his job and do anything about it, but after I graduated and was eighteen, I knew there was nothing standing in my way or that could get him into trouble.

I’d researched him, I knew where he lived and one night I went right up to his door and made my proclamation of desire to him right on his doorstep and I knew as soon as he invited me in, he had to feel the same way. Within minutes we were naked and rolling around on his bed and he said yes, he’d fantasized about fucking me for years but had to wait until the timing was right and that timing was right now and as he kissed me and plunged his cock into me.

I ran my fingers through his hair and wrapped my legs around him and ran my hands over every inch of his body and it was exactly as I’d imagined it would be. I loved every minute of it, and from the way he made love to me, I knew he’d been looking forward to this as much as I was, and he told me it was often difficult to hold back when he’d wanted me so badly, but we were finally getting our moment now and I hoped we’d be able to continue seeing one another. He licked my pussy and made me cum and cum and then we fucked again until morning, both exhausted, but satisfied.

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