I’ll Be Watching You…

Perversions take many different forms, and are more common in men than women. What one considers a perversion, another, the one with the perversion, may consider harmless and normal.

I have found most men I have run into contact with to be perverted to one degree or the other, some less so, but most to a degree. Most like to keep their perversions a secret, or only reveal them when they realize their partner might be of like mind, or open to such ideas.

I would say the most common perversion I have found so many seem to share is that of being an exibitionist. I’m not talking flashers here, the streets are not filled with men in raincoats flashing their privates at every pair of eyes that crosses their paths, thank goodness……But I can’t even count the number of clients, chat guys, even men on dating sites that have offered to not only show themselves on cam to me, but downright perform and masturbate for me. They LOVE being watched. Most like to watch just as much.

Men are visual creatures, this is very true. But the deep desire to show themselves, many would consider this a perversion to be sure.

The flip side of exibitionism is of course voyeurism. That can be much more intrusive, as many that like to watch are watching, or at least attempting to watch ones that have no idea they are being watched. This can be viewed by most as an invasion of privacy.

The excitement of watching can prove too much for many, and if they have the opportunity, many that find themselves watching a woman engaged in a private moment, undressing, of having sex or masturbating, the men can’t help but begin to masturbate themselves as they spy on the intimate moment. Such naughty, pervy boys…….

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