Sex With The Handicapped


I saw a post in a dating site forum the other day about a woman that had gotten a message from a handicapped man in a wheelchair and she was asking others what they would do, if they’d go out with a handicapped person like that. Others were responding, that some guys in wheelchairs have use of their cocks, just not their legs, it depends I guess. Others are only able to perform oral.

Oh it was quite the post. Personally I couldn’t do it, I’m too selfish, too much about me to have someone’s disability always be taking the stage like this and what they could or couldn’t physically do because of it. I’d think it too difficult a situation to be embroiled in. Life is hard enough with two able bodied people, let alone when one has issues like this. Sex for some people, for many, is a major part of their relationship, and if you take this element for the most part off the table, there isn’t a reason for some to be in a relationship at all.

I’ve read of situations like this where cuckold plays a part in it too, since they cannot personally satisfy the female partner, they like to watch someone else that can. Isn’t it interesting that some guys like to see their women with other guys, it’s very popular as far as phone sex call topics go anyway, yet I cannot imagine a woman out there that wants to see her guy with another woman, I guess we are just too jealous for that. I guess you just have to see if you can live with their disability and go from there.

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