Tie Me Up, Lover


My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun this weekend. He wanted to try something different, something a bit more extreme. We have a high level of trust in our relationship, so I had no worries about anything bad happening. He’d been watching some porn where the women were restrained in it and orgasm control was involved, he asked if I’d be ok with that. I said of course.

He’d already assumed I’d be ok with it, since he’d gotten several types of restraints for me, spreader bars, handcuffs, ball gag. He said he wanted me absolutely trembling for permission to orgasm and I was looking for ward to it. He’d gotten one of the toys that was in the porn movie, a Hitachi Wand, said to be the most powerful vibrator out there, one that can drive you to the brink of insanity and back with its intensity and then leave you numb.

I was locked into the spreader bar, gagged, handcuffed and then teased for hours. He knows how wet it makes me to watch him jerk off, so he did that before even touching me to get me in a heightened state of arousal. By the time he came, all over my tits, and spread my cunt lips, I was just dripping with desire and the Hitachi Wand soon had me a squirming mess of a whore before him. He stopped. He started. He made me nearly cry my cunt lips with just purple with engorgement and need for release. When he finally allowed it, I went into spasms. It was hands down the most intense orgasm of my life.

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