Wet, Wild Times

My boyfriend and I love to fuck pretty much anywhere, but the shower is without a doubt one of our favorite spots. The hot water coursing over our bodies, the steam, getting clean while we are being dirty, it’s all good. Last night we got down and dirty in the shower. We’d been out all day since early morning, and the place we’d gone to, the air conditioning was on the fritz, so we were plenty sweaty and feeling grubby and we decided to have a lovely cool down shower together and were soaping one another up and as his soap covered hands washed my breasts and chest my nipples son began to harden and I was feeling aroused.

I lathered up my hands and soaped up his now stiff cock and I lathered him up all over and we were son covered in lather and then rinsed off. I then got on my knees and took that hard dick in my mouth and was staring into his eyes as he fucked my mouth and pushed that hard cock right down my throat. I loved sucking on his balls and pumping his hard shaft as I looked into his eyes.

I knew my pussy was wet, and I don’t mean from water. I got up and bent over and he popped the head of that cock into my juicy cunt as the water continued to rain down on us. I was feeling my tits shake back and forth from each thrust of his dick into me and I was loving every moment of it. I braced myself against the wall with one hand and knew I was going to cum explosively. I cried out and I came all over his cock and I could feel him squirt inside of me and then his cum slowly dripped out of me, down the insides of my thigh and swirled around the drain. I took the shower massager on the hose and rinsed the last of it out of me before spraying him down one last time and then turning the water off and drying one another off. It was some hot shower sex.

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