A Trip To The Gloryhole

I cannot even count the number of callers that tell me of their trips to the gloryhole to suck random cock, or their fantasies of doing so if they have not already. I’m not sure how many cities have these, but plenty of guys that are bi curious, many of them married, talk about wanting to experience cock sucking on some dude they met online and may only know the first name of, if that even, and getting on their knees and sucking them off and swallowing their load.

The desire to suck a cock is for many men intense. Ones that have not done it and crave it can be nearly obsessed with it. They have watched pornos of it as they jerk off for many years, ones that have sucked cock at some point in the past recall that memory with a fondness and an intensity you cannot fully comprehend. They go back to that incident that was perhaps decades ago and think about it as they jerk off, even if it was a one time thing in their youth.

Most never share with their female partners the things they have done with members of the same sex since they know it usually will not be well received, so there’s no point in bringing it up at all. Yet they will crave the cock of another man for the rest of their days, perhaps visiting a gloryhole if they know of one and taking that stranger’s dick down their throat, only to drool all over it as they stroke their own at the same time, licking the precum off the tip of it, and deepthroating it before taking that load of jizz down their throats.

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