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Sex with the Teacher

When people think of a sexual relationship between student and teacher, they usually are not thinking of it being a same sex relationship. Ones like that can often fly under the radar and be more easy to get away with, … Continue reading

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Hot, Gay Sex

The amount of callers that tell you about either same sex fantasies or same sex encounters they had is really quite staggering. Some days it seems half the callers are gay. Most want to suck another guy, not get sucked … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Gloryhole

I cannot even count the number of callers that tell me of their trips to the gloryhole to suck random cock, or their fantasies of doing so if they have not already. I’m not sure how many cities have these, … Continue reading

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Men Touching

So many callers are looking to confess about same sex experiences, it’s unreal how many. Some don’t seem to get into the swing of things until middle age and they find they can no longer deny their desires and married … Continue reading

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Please Accept Me, Mommy

One of my regular callers wants to suck cock. However he was raised in a very conservative Jewish background where this would in no way be acceptable for his friends or family to accept. The person he most wants acceptance … Continue reading

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