Sex with the Teacher

When people think of a sexual relationship between student and teacher, they usually are not thinking of it being a same sex relationship. Ones like that can often fly under the radar and be more easy to get away with, since many are not wanting the fact that they are gay to get out, so there’s no bragging to friends, it’s much more secret in the first place. One caller of mine told me about how when he was in his teens his first lover was his English teacher. They were only around ten years apart in age, and he had a talk with his teacher after class about possibly coming out to his parents and the teacher revealed he’d been through the exact same thing. Thus began the start of their sexual relationship.

They began meeting for coffee and talking about what it meant to be gay, how it could impact your life and things soon took a sexy turn when the teacher invited the student over for a barbecue. He had a pool and swimsuits were definitely optional. They took a nude swim in the moonlight and were soon jerking one another off and performing oral sex on one another. The teacher gave the caller his first blow job. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven when he felt lips around his cock for the first time.

Needless to say, he kept coming back for more. He was underage and he knew for both their sakes it had to be a secret. He went over to the teachers house as often as he could get away, and blow jobs soon turned to full on fucking and he said it was the most exciting year of his life when he was in the relationship with this older teacher and the clandestine relationship had to be kept so private from everyone, it only heightened the arousal for them both. When he went away to college it ended, but he thinks about those hot, sexual experiences often and thanks the teacher that taught him the most important things of all.

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