Ballerina Girl?

Some men dress up when they masturbate. They wear ladies lingerie or clothes. Some however do like more unusual items, like fur coats, or even a tutu. One caller that says he wears a tutu when he calls loves to suck black cock while he does so and he always licks up his cum after he finishes masturbating. He loves to finish off the call by slurping away like a cum sucking pig on his fingers. He is addicted to his own, and other men’s cum apparently. Wearing a tutu makes him feel very pretty and feminine and he always makes a point of telling me he’s wearing it.

Pink of course. Isn’t pink always the favored color of ones wearing panties and slips and garter belts and such? It seems to be. Over ninety percent of the time when I ask what color are you wearing, pink is the answer I am given back. That is the most popular color among the lingerie wearing gentlemen. I can only picture what the one wearing the tutu must look like. Some have send me pics of themselves in French maids uniforms, and all kinds of other odd costumes, but never have I had one in a tutu. I am sure the day will come.

What it is about a ballerina I am not sure, it is a very feminine thing to be sure, so perhaps that’s the attraction to this particular costume. I can just imagine them fluffing it up and carefully putting it away for their next masturbation session they will have after putting it on the next time when they call. It’s a ritual of sorts for them, when they get dressed up in their little outfits. Some put on makeup and nail polish and a wig, they go all out to make the ensemble complete.

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