The Facial

What is it about a facial so many men love? The idea of squirting their cum all over a ladies face is very appealing to some. I think of it more like a dog marking its territory. Some callers like to brag about what heavy cummers they are and how they can nearly extinguish fires with the amount of ejaculate that jets out of the cum filled balls. Spraying a woman on the face with their cum turns a lot of men on. The occasional one will feel it’s a disrespectful thing to do, or ask if you really want it, but most are just happy to let the jizz fly!

Dripping down the face, the chin, onto the breasts, that man goo coating you from top to bottom will get their cocks so hard, they can’t believe it. This caller was telling me his girlfriend is a really dirty bitch, and she loves his cum anytime, anywhere, especially on her pretty face. She gets down on her knees, sucking on his hard cock, looking him right in the eye as she drools all over it, teasing the head of it with her tongue, and she does this until he blows his load all over her face and she’s splattered with it.

It turns him on so much, as it seems to many men. He said then she scoops it off with her fingers, and sucks it off of them as he watches her. Gets him hard again usually pretty quickly, and then he fucks her. The old saying “Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right.” comes to mind. Does spraying your lady down with cum drive you wild? Do you like to “mark your territory?” You likely would love to coat a woman’s face with your cum, you naughty boy. Call one of us up and tell us all about it.

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