Belly Fuckers

There’s other ways than vaginal sex to cum for sure. Many guys love a titty fuck, it drives them crazy if they are into tits. Well guys that are into fat girls can love a good belly fuck as well. I found some very interesting and graphic videos online, but they were a bit much to share I think. But there was full, totally up to the balls full, penetration. Some of these gals have very big, cavernous belly buttons that are literally able to take a full length cock inside of them to fuck like a pussy. 
I have heard some women have very sensitive belly buttons and could get pleasure out of such an encounter, but I can’t fathom it. I can see to a guy it would feel fairly pussy like with lube, but it just seems well, odd. A lot of things in the sexual realm are odd if you look at them objectively. You look at it, read about it and think to yourself, really???? They get off on that???? I have talked to so many and heard all kinds of odd things. I as of yet haven’t talked to a belly fucker, but given enough time, I sure I will, as they are out there and it is a whole genre of “plumper porn” that guys into big gals get off on. 
Fucking rolls of fat is a bit different than fucking tits squished together. Not all guys are into the really big girls required for such encounters, for belly fucking you’re likely in the 350 lb + category, not just ones with a  bit of extra meat on their bones. I have talked with guys that do like the 400 lb + girls, I can understand wanting someone “cuddly”, but that’s a really big girl and likely more than double the weight of their partner for sure. At least no worries of disease or pregnancy with this type of sex.

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