Cyber Stalking

I like to play with guys online. Many are paranoid though and reluctant to give me their cell phone numbers. I have to tell them that I really have much better things to do than hunt down college boys online I don’t even want to see their pictures, let alone track them down and get them for real. Some won’t give their numbers no matter what. Others will go and get the Google Voice numbers that forward to their real phone to prevent me getting their real numbers. I guess you can’t be too careful these days. Most times things will be fine, but it only takes one nut to ruin things.

One guy I phone with has an unusual name, so I did indeed look up his city on Facebook and then only his first name, and it was easy to find him. There wasn’t even a picture, and in reality I don’t want a picture, I don’t want to know, but sometimes our curiosity does get the better of us. Most times it’s harmless, yet if someone has ill intent, it can be a life altering intrusion upon us. You do have to be mindful of who you give any personal information to. It can be a whole world of trouble if you don’t.

It’s a shame we have to behave so guardedly in today’s world. 99% of times it’s OK, it’s the 1% you have to be on watch for. One guy said he never phoned with the same girl more than once since he didn’t want them to fall in love with him, I was laughing my head off at this delusional fool, to think anyone would be tracking them down and be on their doorstep within 24 hours. He was delusional, yet if it was reversed, some lunatic guy might go to such extremes, unlikely yes, but it could happen.

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