He Serves the Couple

One of my regular callers serves black couples. He is white. Also like many callers that have same sex experiences, he swears up and down he is NOT gay. It’s honestly laughable that men that get fucked by other men, they suck them off, yet swear up and down this does not make them gay. Absurd. A faggot by any other name, blah, blah, blah…..You’re a poof if you suck the meat stick, sorry to break it to ya! So he claims the only reason he got into the whole serving couples bit was because his wife left him. He’s a submissive beta male.

He got lonely, apparently the only action he could find was with men, a married black one apparently. So the married guy had him suck him off and then soon brought him home to his wife, who he also now serves. Maybe it’s all in his fantasies, one never truly knows with these callers. Some of the tales are awfully outlandish, you just cannot tell. So he watches the black man fuck his black wife and then the white guy has to eat the cream pie out of her pussy and then clean off the cock of the married black dude. Being used by them both.

He says he knows it’s wrong and degenerate, but yet he cannot help but allow them to use him. He says he loves to serve, it makes him feel useful, since no women want him, he has a tiny penis of course. So his pickings for real life relationships with women are slim to none, but to be used by a couple and serve them, apparently he’s found his little niche where he can be of some use to somebody. Pretty sad this is all he’s good for, but for beta men that have no real appeal to women, they seem to take what they can get.

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