Sex On the Balcony

Recently I went away for the weekend with my husband, and the hotel we stayed at was lovely. It had a gorgeous balcony that overlooked the pool below, we were on the third floor. It was late one night and I went out to enjoy the tropical, sweet smelling air and my husband was soon behind me, holding me close to him. He whispered in my ear he wanted to make love right here and right now on the balcony. I was afraid someone else might see us. I didn’t want us to get booted out of the hotel.

He looked around and said everyone seemed to be asleep, the pool was closed, it was the middle of the night, no one else was on their balconies. He eased me over to the railing and I leaned on it with my hands. He pulled the back of my dress up and I could hear him unzip his pants. I felt him pull my panties down and I stepped out of them. His cock was soon running up and down the crack of my ass and then he pushed it into my already wet pussy. I gasped. I could feel him thrusting into me.

I guess the risk of being seen was minimal, it was dark, I was still wearing my dress, there were beach towels draped overt he railing, so no one could really see anything from the waist down. It just felt naughty, to be outside like this on the balcony. I realized someone might be watching us, I saw the glowing tip of a cigarette in the dark across the pool in the building across from us, but they didn’t move. I didn’t care, I was enjoying getting fucked and we were being pretty discreet. He came in my pussy and I came at the same time, we went back inside and went to sleep.

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