Here We Come A Gerbiling


In the name of horniness people, usually men, have done some very, very dumb and ill advised things to themselves. One of the better known rumors in recent decades is about the actor Richard Gere and the supposed “gerbil incident.” Who knows if it’s true, likely not, but people certainly do stick things up their rears they should not.

The embarrassment some have at purchasing sex toys is incredible, that their wives might find them, even worse. So some do things they shouldn’t, that are terribly ill advised and downright dangerous. Getting involved with animals of any sort in a sexual manner is also not wise, so to combine the two is very odd indeed. So when someone decides they are going to shove a live rodent up their ass, I don’t even know what to say about that. Some say the entire thing is an urban legend, it may very well be, but some stories about it are very funny indeed.

Toys are so much safer and are designed for such a purpose, so much better to shove them up your ass than a poor, squirming rodent that likely will not emerge alive. I just can’t imagine people coming up with such ideas. A cucumber is bad enough, but a live animal? I don’t know about people, I really don’t It’s worrisome the things they do to themselves. But if they are that dumb, you can’t have much sympathy for them really. But don’t use the poor critters, that’s just wrong on so many levels.

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