Second Class Citizens


Does calling and paying someone to make fun of you seem appealing? I wouldn’t think so. I can’t imagine a fat person calling to be made fun of, seems like a real self hating, odd thing to do, yet guys of different races, usually black guys, call up for racial humiliation and like to be made to feel like second class citizens. Sure, you get the occasional self hating Jew and Asian and Indian, but most are black.

People are odd, some guys with small penises call up for humiliation for that, they cannot change the size of their dick anymore than a black guy can change his skin color. In a way I feel mean making fun of people’s traits they cannot change. No amount of money or wishing or praying can change their size or color, yet they want to be made fun of for these very traits. People are strange, that’s for sure. I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about ones that like to be made fun of and have themselves humiliated, would be interesting to hear their take on it.

I guess the clients for this type of call are not participating in black pride month. Different things turn on different people, and some so get off on insults and humiliation, the same way some guys like to insult girls they call and call them stupid, dumb, whore, useless. Some wish to humiliate others, some like to be humiliated and put in their place they imagine they should be.

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