His Therapist Mocked Him

Sometimes calls can be fun when you’re not expecting them to be. A caller the other night has a fantasy about going to a female therapist and her mocking him, which of course a therapist would never do. Not in front of your face, anyway! He told me this ridiculous fantasy of going to a male personal trainer and the trainer being hung like a horse and noticing him staring at his package during the workout sessions. Then soon after the workout guy starts showing up wearing a Speedo, putting extra emphasis on his overly large cock. Then they go for a hot tub soak after the workout and the trainer is sitting on the edge of the hot tub with his legs spread, crotch at eye level of the one who just worked out.

Then he is told to suck the cock and how can he not, it’s right there in front of him, what’s he to do? He’s relating all of this to the therapist, me, and I’m to tell him he’s a cocksucker and a homo and I’ve known he’s a homosexual and a faggot all along. Laughing and mocking him. He protests he’s not a fag at all, but the trainer pressured him to do so. Yet he freely went back session after session even though the trainer went from sweats, to shorts, to a Speedo.

He protests all along he’s not gay, that he just felt pressured to suck the cock that was presented to him by the aggressive trainer. Not so aggressive though he touches his client, the client does all the reaching, grabbing, sucking, fondling. It’s just the sight of that overly large penis practically spilling out of the tiny bathing suit is too much to bear. Uh huh. You’re a fag, boy, get over it and accept it! It was a funny call and a theme that many that are reluctant to admit they want dick would have.

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