Jerking it at Camp

A caller was telling me how when he used to go to summer camp, he’d jerk off with lots of different guys. He never did anything other than masturbate in the same room with guys he claims, but he did it a lot. He said it just heightened the excitement and he enjoyed it a lot more than solo masturbation. There was no shortage of guys at the camp to play with and he said there was lots of gay stuff going on he could have taken part in if he wanted to, he just was not so inclined.

His favorite jerk buddy was in his bunk house and lots of times the others would go for various activities and they would stay behind and be jerking off as soon as the others were out the door. This was before the internet, so there was no free porn to easily turn on, you had to make do with what was at hand, and that was someone else to masturbate with and watch them and have them watch you and just enjoy the experience together. They never got caught, but were both always worried a camp counselor would come in and get them in trouble.

They would often cum a couple of times. Boys that age are often jerking off as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught, but he said he doesn’t rush anymore, no need to, and he edges for literally hours before he calls. He sometimes watched videos of guys masturbating together wince it reminds him of the naughty times in his youth and all the guys he jerked off with. So many callers have confessed to doing this, it seems more boys have done it than not from all the experiences they share masturbating in their youth with friends.

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