The Priest Sucked Him Off

A caller the other day was telling me about his same sex fantasies, a very common topic for calls, and how he feels they began after when he was young and a priest molested him. He went to an all boys Catholic school and said he thought this priest was doing this to a lot of the boys there and even though the boys didn’t come right out and say it, there were many veiled references to this and how they all had been affected by it. He said however that he liked the things the priest did to him. He was sucked off many times by the priest and he enjoyed it.

He said he also recalls laying naked on the priest’s bed and the priest fucking him and fingering him from behind and he liked that as well. I asked if he’d ever told his parents this and he said he did, and they did not believe him. They said a priest was above reproach and he was a dirty, filthy liar for saying such a thing about a man of God. He didn’t bring it up again, he just continued to be touched by the priest and he grew to like it and although he never had other same sex interactions, he fantasizes about it to this day, decades later and he knows this was the root cause of it.

He said he felt many other classmates were going through this exact same thing, and they likely enjoyed it as well. There were no girls around for them, only other males at the school, and the horny priests had a never ending buffet of young cock to play with and they knew few would ever talk about it, so they continued on to enjoy these young boys in any manner they saw fit to with little chance of repercussions. A common tale at many such schools, no doubt.

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