Two Inch, Two Pump Chump

There’s so many tiny dick guys that call, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Last night I had a two inch wonder that says if he lasts twenty five seconds, that’s a long time for him. He hadn’t heard the term “two pump chump” before, but certainly agreed it fits him perfectly. I asked if masturbation was his only outlet, since I assumed no woman would have him, then he stated he was married, which prompted my next question. Do you make a lot of money? Bingo. Pretty much the only equalizer to a small penis is if they have a lot of dough, you’ll always be able to find a broad if you’re loaded, no matter how old, ugly, or tiny you are.

He said his wife had never been with another man, so she knew no different, but she’d let it slip to her best friend how small he was, and the best friend pressured her to find a lover, which she did. The husband with the two incher watched and was amazed at the reactions his wife made to this man. He said he’d never heard her moan in pleasure before, so he assumed she didn’t like sex. I laughed and said no, she doesn’t like sex with you, since there’s nearly nothing there to get fucked by.

He said his balls are also small, when I asked if they were the size of grapes, he said more like raisins, lol. He hadn’t had many experiences other than his wife, since he simply did not pursue women, since he knew it would likely end in rejection and laughter, so it was easier to just avoid such an outcome by avoiding it at all. He’d been laughed at before by the couple of women he had some minimal experiences with before getting married, and yes, she knew what it looked like before walking down the aisle, incredibly enough. So he’s embraced his new life as a cuckold. I told him it’s likely the best answer for all involved.

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