Watch Daddy

One regular caller that doesn’t even have a daughter, has daddy daughter fantasies about his daughter watching him jerk off on cam. He likes the idea of his daughter needing money and she’s away at school and the way they communicate is through calls online while watching each other. She says she needs some money to buy some lingerie and she shows him what she’s got, sort of putting on a lingerie show for him of sorts and pleading her case that she needs to add to her severely lacking lingerie wardrobe. He will give her some money to shop, but she’s got to watch him jerk off first.

He says watching her parade around in the lingerie has gotten him all horny and it makes him want to masturbate seeing her in the skimpy little pieces, so he really has no choice but to masturbate while they have their conversation. He then asks her if she ever touches herself and if she does it’s ok, it’s normal and natural and would she mind showing daddy how she does it so they can masturbate together on cam? He wants to know what she thinks of his cock, is it big to her, does she think she’d be able to take such a cock, has she ever had one yet?

He tells her to pull down her lingerie and show herself to daddy, expose her breasts and her pussy. He tells her to touch herself like she does when she’s alone and show him how she does it, he’d like to see. By this time he usually blows his load. He’s not a creepy guy, he just has these sorts of fantasies and likes to think up these silly little fantasies. The idea of a daughter putting on a lingerie show for her father to try and convince him she needs some new lingerie is kind of funny, really. Oh well, people have their fantasies that get them off they return to time and again.

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