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Sexy Water Time

My boyfriend loves the water, he’s a swimmer and the water has always been a great love of his. I love it as well, but he’s really turned me on to making love in the shower, showering together, doing all … Continue reading

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Phone Sex to Satisfy Your Cock

Do you enjoy phone sex? You likely do, or you wouldn’t be on a website like this! Have you called before, or are just wondering what it might be like to do so? It’s harder these days with lockdowns to … Continue reading

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Lazy Afternoon

One thing many of us are having these days with the lockdown is many lazy afternoons. Years ago there was a daytime drama promotion “Love in the Afternoon”, it was a great promotion for the soaps. Lots of love in … Continue reading

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They Used The Fleshlight Together

A caller was telling me he was masturbating with a Fleshlight, nothing too weird there. I’ve had countless callers tell me the same thing, however he was sharing it with his brother. I didn’t really know what to say. I … Continue reading

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What My Friend Taught Me

When I was in school my best friend was pretty boy crazy. She was always running around and playing with lots of different ones. She asked me one night during a sleep over if I masturbated and I shyly admitted … Continue reading

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