They Used The Fleshlight Together

A caller was telling me he was masturbating with a Fleshlight, nothing too weird there. I’ve had countless callers tell me the same thing, however he was sharing it with his brother. I didn’t really know what to say. I wondered why they didn’t chip in and buy a second unit so they each had their own first off. I’m sure when people are kids or teens they might masturbate with a sibling, but how many adult men are still doing this with their brothers? Sharing a sex toy as well? Isn’t that kind of gross and unsanitary? He said they were passing it back and forth, taking a few pumps, then passing it back.

Now maybe this was all his fantasy, I cannot say I actually heard another person there on the call in the background, so perhaps it was all in his head, but a little odd for a sexual fantasy. People do have odd ideas though. No idea if they had wives or girlfriends, but if they did, surely the ladies would not be impressed by this example of family togetherness. He said it was already full of cum…Can You imagine sticking your dick in a toy filled with your brothers cum? Sloppy seconds from a sex toy.

Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, by all means, go for it. I’m sure there’s much sicker things than this being done, but I can honestly say in the nearly twelve years I’ve been in this business, brothers sharing a sex toy and getting off on a call is a first for me. Maybe by next year they will have saved enough pennies to get a second one. Though I kind of have the feeling it’s just some weird thing, they likely have the funds to buy another, it’s the doing it like this that gets them off. Now there was a guy that said he and his identical twin had sex, but this is a bit different.

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