“I Can’t Get Real Girls”

One of the frequent callers I have is a particularly sad case, as so many are. He calls to announce he’s taken out his pocket pussy toy and is now masturbating. He wants to make sure I know this fact. Then he proceeds to tell me he can’t get real girls, he’s apparently never had a girl, he says he’s ugly and shy and just has no luck. I tell him what he’s likely really craving is cock and that’s why he hasn’t either gone to a female escort, or found some equally ugly ditch pig female to fuck. He semi agrees he in fact might want cock, lol.

His calls are short and nearly identical, he feels the need to make an announcement of his masturbation and that “he can’t get real girls.” I asked him if he’d named his toy and he said who he thinks about changes around a lot, so he’s never made the commitment to actually name one. This guy is a grade A loser if ever there was one, but that’s what we are there for, to listen to the guys that call that in fact cannot get real girls, some are either too shy or have other hang-ups about hiring one, so they live in their masturbation limbo land.

This caller is more of an extreme case, but many that are shy or inexperienced have the same phrases they say they want you to repeat over and over, that you know they are a loser or masturbator, or someone that no woman wants. They love the sense of humiliation and degradation that they are less than other men and will never get a woman. So their pocket pussies and Fleshlights are the best they are ever going to get. So many pathetic losers out there.

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