“I Haven’t Had Sex in 30 Years”

Many callers to phone sex lines have been in sexless marriages for decades but will not leave for one reason or another. Others simply never married at all and have had no luck with relationships and haven’t had sex for decades. Masturbation and phone sex is it for many men, it’s very sad so many are willing to live affectionless lives and get no pleasure other than what their own hand can bring. I cannot even count how many complain about their lack of intimacy in marriage, yet they don’t leave. They won’t divorce. You can’t have much sympathy for someone that’s willing to endure that kind of a life.

Most men seem to be masochists to stay in relationships that aren’t working. Or ones say everything is fine other than lack of sex and they have accepted this is their fate and they won’t even get a girlfriend on the side to have sex with. Phone sex for many of them is the only sexual intimacy they have known for many, many years. Talking to a stranger on the phone or watching porn as you masturbate is a poor substitution for real life action, but for a lot of these men, it’s all they will ever have.

Some very socially awkward callers have never had sex at all. One young man said over and over how ugly he was and finally one time I watched him on cam and he wasn’t ugly, he was pretty average looking, however he lacks all confidence in approaching women. His looks wouldn’t turn most women off at all, but he said he’d feel very uncomfortable if a woman ever approached him and he’d get away as soon as possible. Phone is the only way he feels comfortable relating to women. He’s not alone, we phone sex ladies hear this sort of thing a lot.

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