You’re My Good Girl

It can be very arousing to have someone call you a “good girl” or a “good boy.” Guys say that all the time on the phone, “I love it when you call me a good boy.” Well, I like being called a “good girl” as well. There’s something about that positive affirmation that really gets you going and aroused. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but some adore it. You can feel the shivers run up and down your spine when you’re being praised for doing a good job sexually, knowing the pleasure you are giving them.

Being slightly submissive can be pleasurable for many of us. The caress of a hand teasing you to the point of begging to be allowed to cum. Them stopping when you are at the near peak of pleasure, only to let you calm down. The tease and denial part of pleasure is not to be underestimated. To go beyond a certain point you can get to a point of numbness and the pleasure is anti climactic at that point, but knowing just where to get yourself to before going over that edge of ecstasy is the sweet spot to aim for.

Usually tease and denial is denying the male pleasure, not the woman, but it works both ways with a slightly dominant man that knows what he is doing. Not all men have the knowledge or the confidence in how to handle a woman to be able to do that, but when they can, it can be off the charts hot. Are we all going to find our perfect Fifty Shades of Grey lover? No, and that is a bit of an extreme example as it is. Being a “good girl” can absolutely get you going when the right person is saying it and meaning it.

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