You Naughty Little Masturbator

You like to get naughty, don’t you? Of course you do! Masturbating is a lot of fun and pretty much everyone does it. Maybe it’s been a few days and your balls are getting that achy feel to them that happens when the cum builds up too long. You have that need to cum. One of the callers last night said it had been around ten for him, he’s just been so busy he hasn’t taken the time to enjoy himself. Not even a five minute quickie in the shower. Some guys do not like a rushed orgasm that way. They like to make a night of it, or even a day if they have the time to do so.

Many will talk about a day off and how they’ve been edging themselves for hours and really want a fantastic pay off to it. Some will even be able to have a few orgasms. One funny thing a caller did recently was, he send a picture of himself masturbating, and there was a computer screen on a table in front of him and a large jar, half empty, of petroleum jelly. He used it as lube. It’s honestly not a good thing to use as lube, so hard to get off, but he loved that I commented on it. He’s a grade A wanker for sure.

Some guys are literally Olympic level masturbators who seriously devote huge amounts of time to their hobby. Some spend as much time masturbating as a part time job. Ones that are married mostly seem to rub one out on the sly, since wifey doesn’t want them to do it, it’s crazy. She won’t fuck them, but expects them to not have any pleasure at all. I assure them I’d be happy to have them masturbate as much as they wanted to.

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