The Hot Gardener

Now a gardener is good with his hands. He can make things grow and become beautiful, so one would think it would be kind of a natural thing for a man that works with his hands for a living to be able to bring a woman pleasure. Such is the case with my gardener in any case. My friend raved about him and how he’d transformed her garden and I saw the results with my own eyes. The work was impressive and he didn’t charge an arm and a leg, so I hired him on her recommendation. Now I have no clue if he’s doing anything with her, but he is good with his hands in more ways than one, I can promise you that much.

She did not hint anything was going on, so maybe I’m the only lucky lady of all the ladies he does work for that’s enjoying his many talents, but somehow I doubt it. He’s just to good to not be getting around with a few of his clients. I saw the bulge in his pants as he was working away at my shrubs and I knew I wanted to see for myself just how big he really was, so I invited him in for a lemonade after he was finished for the day.

It was so hot and while I knew it was inappropriate to offer him a shower, I couldn’t help myself and he was soon naked in my bathroom showering as I washed his clothes. He came out in a towel and well, as the clothes dried we got naughty on my bed. I sucked his hard nine inch dick and he fucked me so good in my air conditioned bedroom, he knew just what to do with his hands, his mouth and his cock to get me off incredibly well. I could tell he was experienced, though young. I can’t wait to see how things develop over this coming summer.

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