Stranger at the Vineyard

Recently I went away for the weekend to a winery. It was also a bed and breakfast. You got to tour the facilities and the vineyards and sample all the wines they make there. It was a lovely little excursion. I also ended up having some fun with one of the other guests. He’d won the weekend in a raffle and even though it was a weekend away for two, he didn’t have a partner, so he came alone. We met the first night we were both there and decided to spend some time together.

We toured the land the next day and got taken to the room with the huge vats in it and sampled the wine, it was a lovely and informative tour. We had dinner that night in the dining room and he asked me back to his room that night. I was feeling adventuresome so agreed. We went into the cozy little room and he’d made a fire in the fireplace, and there were complimentary bottles of wine in a gift basket, since he was the contest winner. Needless to say, we finished the wine and had a nice conversation. It soon turned a bit naughty, and we were very attracted to one another and soon stripped down to nothing on the bed.

He was a connoisseur of fine wine, and apparently just as much so of beautiful women he told me. He told me he prided himself on his fine techniques of being a lover, and I asked him to prove it to me, which he was happy to do. He went down on my pussy and I literally had to bite my lip from crying out in ecstasy. I doubt the other guests would have appreciated the moans of pleasure, so we restrained ourselves. He then laid on top of me, sliding his swollen member deep into me, grazing it across my clit with each and every thrust until I exploded with orgasm. It was a night filled with much pleasure. The next day when we left, we knew we might never see one another again, but it was a sweet memory for us both.

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