My Neighbor Watched Me

I realized my neighbor was watching me last week when I walked by my window. I was naked in my bedroom and I glanced over at his house and saw a bit of movement at his window blinds. I did not stop to let him see me being aware of him looking at me. I’d seen him several times and found him attractive. I decided to put on a bit of a show for him. I started walking by my window naked more often, after I’d get out of the shower, when I’d masturbate, when I’d dress and undress. I felt he was watching me a lot. He worked from home, so he had the opportunity to do so.

It can be fun to tease someone. The next time he saw me outside, he was friendly and came over to say hello. Not a word said about his spying on me. If it had bothered me, obviously I’d have kept my curtains pulled. I can be a bit of an exhibitionist I’ve found. Last night I masturbated and had a light shining right on me, not the overhead one, but a strong, focused desk lamp type. There’s no way he could not have seen what I was doing had he been looking, and I felt he was watching me.

I stroked my wet cunt to orgasm, my lubed up fingers working my clit like there was no tomorrow, feeling the unseen eyes watching me. My legs spread open wide, feet on the bed, knees up, crotch exposed and towards the window as I brought myself to multiple orgasms. I knew he was beating off as he watched me. I could just imagine his hand working up and down his cock, moving so fast it would be a blur. I bet he even timed himself to cum with me at the same time I did. Showing off can be fun.

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