Sex with the Pool Guy

This is the season to get the pool up and running and the pool guy this year was someone that’s never come here before. He was a really good looking guy and I was attracted to him immediately when I saw him. He was doing all the opening up the pool stuff he needed to do, he was here for a few hours and I wondered if I might be his last appointment for the day, I had a feeling I might be. So I made my move and went outside with some iced teas for us. I said he’d done a great job and I couldn’t wait to get back into the pool.

I knew he could tell from the way I was looking at him how attracted I was to him, and he made his move. I led him over to a chaise lounge that wasn’t far from the pool and sat him down. I could tell he was getting hard in his jeans and I boldly reached over and started to stroke him through them and soon unzipped him and reached in and felt his bare hard cock in my hand. I knew my pussy was growing wet for him and I soon straddled him and encouraged him to find out, which he soon did.

He toyed with my pussy and my clit for a few moments before I grabbed his hard cock and started to ease it into my pussy. I then started to ride him up and down. The breeze blew against our bodies and you could feel the heat between us. Having sex outdoors is always a feast for the senses and I love it. We fucked there and he made me cum hard and I felt him explode inside of my pussy. He didn’t stay much longer, but I do hope to see him again. He’s a hot one.

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