Lusty BBW’s


One thing a lot of guys seem to be calling for lately is bigger girls. I think it must be because so many ladies in society now are bigger overall, plus size is the new normal, which is good for the plus sized girls. More and more guys are dreaming of the large, voluminous thighs wrapped around them, and the full breasts and ample bellies they can grab onto and squish and squeeze. Titty fucks are very popular with guys into bigger girls, they love their cocks getting lost in those huge breasts.

I can see the appeal of bigger gals, but bigger guys, not much. Bigger guys take on the more womanly shape and breasts even. Bigger girls are cuddly and usually have big tits and asses guys crave so much. More pushin to the cushion and all that. One guy that calls likes to talk about larger ladies in fairly fitted dresses so he can see the shape of their ass and tits. He loves to talk about undressing them and the sexy lingerie they would be wearing, lace bras to see their nipples through and sexy stockings and panties to enhance their womanly curves in, he really appreciates the Reubanesque woman!

Women built like bone wracks may look better in clothes, but to have a woman to fuck, I can certainly see a curvier type would feel better, no one wants to fuck someone with bones making points on them, not very sexy at all. The bigger girls often have larger sexual appetites as well, big appetites in all areas, so they can make for a lustier lover to begin with.

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