Please Humiliate Me


Increasingly racial humiliation calls are getting more and more popular, with me it seems, anyway. I’ve got a number of black callers that just love to be made fun of, humiliated and degraded. Many say they don’t understand it, they are successful, make a good living, and are perceived to be better than average good looking males, yet it just drives them crazy it seems to be spoken to in this manner as they masturbate.

No doubt if anyone talked to them in a derogatory manner in their everyday lives, they would not be as pleased about it, but for this activity it excites them like nothing else. One was in Atlanta, and he said he’d spoken a domme there that specializes in racial humiliation sessions, and she’s booked up quite far in advance with both males and females that are black that are paying her to humiliated them. I knew there were some black females into this, but not as many as the black males.

Not all that seek racial humiliation are black either. You do get a cross section of other races, Indians, Asians, Mexicans, and Jews, but most are indeed black and really like to be spoken to harshly and cruelly. Humiliation takes on many forms, this is just one of them and as long as it pleases them, then why not, no real harm done. They enjoy the stereotypes that society has placed on them, telling me they are for the most part true and they are well deserved. There’s no swaying them, this is what they like.

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