Pass The Cabbage Rolls


I seem to have been getting some fart fans more recently of late. The love to inhale the aroma of flatulence, to them it is finer than the most expensive French perfume. I had one just a while ago talking about me bending over and him “eating one of my farts”. Now how one can consume air, I do not know, but he was quite taken with the idea, that’s for sure.

I get lots of guys that are into ass, smelling and licking, one on particular likes to talk about a lineup of women at a health club, all sweaty, and them pulling their workout clothes down and him going from one to one licking and smelling those sweaty asses. The idea of a fart right in the face drives them wild. I am not sure why. Perhaps to some it is the unladylike nature of passing gas, something naughty that women shouldn’t be doing, yet them just letting one rip regardless and right in their face. Some are very much into the entire aspect of it, talking about  their girlfriends consuming gassy foods like beans and cabbage and onions that produce such pungent farts for them to enjoy.

For every bodily function out there, even ones far removed from sexuality and sex organs, like sneezing and nose blowing, there is someone, somewhere with a fetish for it that has sexualized it and gets off on it, but farting with its smells, I really don’t get, but to each their own I guess. Pass the cabbage rolls…….

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