Panty Boys


I get sent so many pictures by clients and then they call and ask if I saw them, I often get confused. A guy sent cock pics, I always expect a face when I see attachments innocent that I am…So I see the cock pics, then another had sent ones of themselves in lingerie. Stockings, heels, bra, panties, the works, makeup even. So I get a call, “Did you see my pics?” The lingerie ones were much more vivid in my mind than the cock ones, so I said, “Oh yes, the lingerie.” Ha ha, nope, I had cock pic guy on the line, so we had a good laugh over the mistaken pics and which were the ones he’d sent.

He thought his cock was small but to me it looked big, I asked how big it was and he said nearly 7 inches. Always surprises me ones bigger than average think they are smaller than average, so apparently I made his day when I told him he was better than most. Lingerie guy hasn’t called back yet since sending them. So many adore lingerie and the way it feels against their skin and they get so turned on rubbing themselves through the lingerie and getting off cumming in their panties. As I said before, I have a client with over 1200 pairs, he loves to get many kinds and wearing them makes him feel naughty.

I think 1/3 of the guys out there have it on under their clothes. They claim it’s the feel of the fabric many times, but I don’t buy it, there is men’s silk boxers out there they can buy, it’s the fact that it’s women’s stuff they know they shouldn’t be wearing. Many started out trying on mommy’s things in secret and it’s still going on decades later in many cases. Secret stashes hidden away from girlfriends and wives since they know they wouldn’t understand. Silly panty boys.

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