Fuck Me Hard


There is no shortage of guys that want to have their partner try a strap on out on them. It doesn’t mean they are gay, they just enjoy anal stimulation and a dominant partner willing to give it to them! A lot of women are not going to be comfortable with this though. Many guys enjoy using anal toys due to the prostate stimulation.

Some are so afraid their women won’t understand they will either hide their toys or use things that are easily disposed of like vegetables like carrots or cucumbers, candles, etc. But they are not always the safest things to use and can break off and require the even more embarrassing medical intervention for removal. A woman wearing a strap on will have to be quite confident in her ability to dominate her partner. They can either get them on their back with legs up, still allowing face to face and eye contact, or some will prefer to be on all fours ass cheeks spread open wide.

I can’t really comment on strap on experience, I have none, I honestly can’t imagine doing that to a guy, just not how I swing….Too vanilla, but heaven knows I talk about it on calls enough. The strap on wearing Mistress is an appealing fantasy for many men. The strap on can be an intimidating vision for a guy, especially a submissive guy, but also arousing. I’ve heard guys say they can cum without even touching their cocks from getting fucked like that.

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