Playing at the Water Park

Recently my boyfriend and I went to a water park for the day. There were lots of people there. He knew I always loved to masturbate with the pool jets when I was in a pool. You can do it so no one really notices if you are careful. You can do it both facing the wall of the pool, or so the jet hits you from behind. We’d gone down the giant slides a few times and the crowd was thinning out a bit as it got near dinner time. We found a secluded corner and a pool jet. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

I backed into it. Now you have to be careful how you position yourself, the goal is not to give yourself an enema, which can happen if the water goes up your ass instead! You want the powerful jet to hit your clit from behind. He held the crotch of my bikini to the side so the water wasn’t having to work through the fabric and it found the magic spot. A water induced orgasm can be very fast, literally only a couple of minutes or less, so you’re not doing anything for long enough to catch anyone’s attention.

He kissed me as the water blasted against my clit, people swimming not too far away from us, clueless as to what was happening. I came, he released the crotch of the bikini and we started swimming around again. The refreshing way it feels having an orgasm under water, there’s nothing like it. It is so relaxing and you just get even more relaxed afterwards. We played, went down the slides a few more times, then got out and went to have dinner. It was a fun day, and to our knowledge, no one saw what were up to.

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