Surprise Wake Up

Sometimes sex can be a surprise we aren’t counting on at all. Like an unexpected gift that comes our way. I’d told my roommate I was going away for the weekend. That had been good timing she said, since her brother was coming into town and could sleep in my room when I was away. The only issue was, my plans got cancelled at the last minute, and when I came in she’d already gone to sleep and I’d forgotten all about her telling me her brother was coming for the weekend. So I got quite the surprise when in the middle of the night I felt someone crawling into my bed.

I also surprised him, since he let out an odd noise at my discovery, leapt out of bed and turned the light on to find me laying in bed already. We both had a good laugh about it, and I had to admit, he was a good looking man. I felt a bit forward when I suggested he stay and share the bed, that it was more than big enough for the two of us. It didn’t take much convincing to get him to. He turned off the light and crawled back in. I soon felt his hard on at my ass and began to feel horny.

I rolled over and mentioned it and then reached my hand down and started to stroke him. Within minutes we were kissing and fucking and I was so glad my plans to go away had changed last minute. He had a large cock and it filled my pussy very nicely. I spread wide for him and he was a good lover. He could last and last and he made me cum as he fucked me hard. Only after I’d cum a few times did he cum and fill me with his load. We kept quiet to keep from waking his sister and my roommate. The next morning, we told her about our surprise middle of the night interlude and we all had a good laugh about it. We fucked all weekend long.

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