Romantic Christmas Revisited

Sometimes when you go to parties around the holidays you can run into people you haven’t seen since the year before and old feelings can come back pretty quickly and at times that can be inconvenient. I was at a party of my friends last week and saw a guy I’d seen the year before and I thought it was going well, then he ghosted me. Men can be such pricks. He came over to me and apologized and said it hadn’t been me, it was him. Things had changed for him and he wondered if I might give him a second chance.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to. I liked him too much not to even though he’d treated me shabbily. Common thing for women to feel that way.So every night for the last week we’ve been seeing one another and the sex is even better than I remembered it. His cock takes me to places that no others ever have. He just has a certain way about him in bed, can read my emotions and libido better than anyone ever has, that’s why it hurt so much when he disappeared.

I love how he licks my pussy, I nearly faint with delight as he sucks on my clit and flitters his tongue all over it until I’m a panting, moaning bitch in heat for him and his dick. He likes to fuck me with my legs over his shoulders to get extra deep inside of me and I swear I can literally feel his cock head touch my cervix he fucks me so hard with that long, stiff dick of his. I cum all over his cock and leave it all creamy, and then I love to lick it off and be a very dirty girl, tasting my own juices and his. He loves it. I hope he sticks around this time.

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