The Hot Roommate

I didn’t set out to cheat, I guess most people never do, but things happen and we end up in a situation we didn’t think we would. I always liked my boyfriend’s roommate, and it turns out he liked me too as well. My boyfriend was late, yet again, I’d gone over to his place to make dinner for us. His roommate was out of town for the night so we’d have privacy. I was about to get dressed when I heard the key in the lock and I thought he was home. I went out and it wasn’t him, it was his roommate. His business trip had ended early. Not five minutes later I got a call from my boyfriend saying he had to stay late at work. I was very disappointed.

I asked the roommate if he’d like to eat with me, since apparently I was being brushed off for work. He said yes. We had a nice dinner and I thought I was going to be headed home, but he asked me to stay and have a drink, which turned into several drinks. We were soon kissing and touching on the sofa. He then picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and stripped me down. I did not resist. He was good looking and I always liked him, I didn’t know how much until this very moment though.

He kissed me with great depth and passion and was soon rubbing my dripping pussy. I took his large cock in my mouth and was sucking his rock hard shaft until he blew in my mouth. I was then pinned down to the bed and felt his large once hard again cock slide into me and he fucked me better than I’d been fucked in years. I know I shouldn’t have allowed it to happen, but I just wanted some attention and he was great in bed. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t find out, but I think we will be playing again soon.

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