Severe Punishment Is In Order


One of my best clients has many anger issues. He expresses how he wants to beat several women in his life that have upset him, yet says he doesn’t since he has no interest in going to jail, so he works this out in his sometimes violent fantasies. One the women that has recently upset him, and I can see why he’s upset after he explained, but his punishment of her is quite bad. He wants me to be the one to do it as he observes.

This woman apparently deserves to have her clit and nipples removed. I assumed by scalpel, he said no by scissors. I had my legs crossed at the thought of it. So she’s to be spread eagle on a table strapped down and I’m to cut off her bits with scissors, then put them in her mouth and then place a bit in her mouth to keep them inside. Then her clit is going to be grafted onto her tongue so she will have orgasms as she gives blow jobs. How these men think of these things, I cannot imagine.

He said the violence needs to be worked out via fantasies so he doesn’t do it for real. That I understand, his fantasies are very far removed from reality, so he needs to keep them separate. Men call for many reasons, working through anger issues is just one of them. Let’s be glad they are indeed just talking about these things rather that acting on them, that would be scary if that were the case.

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